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MK's Zettelkasten

Niklas Luhmann - Popularized the Zettlekasten Method

"What are we to do with what we have written down? Certainly, at first, we will produce mostly garbage. But we have been educated to expect something useful from our activities and soon lose confidence if nothing useful seems to result. We should, therefore, reflect on whether and how we arrange our notes so that they are available for later access.

Principles for guiding my research and notes:

  1. Immutable Ideas

    • Concepts and ideas that stand the test of time and will never change.
  2. Truth Seeking

    • The truth is useful, engineers need to understand the true strength of materials to build long lasting structures.
    • I'm not entitled to my own facts, therefore whatever I believe to be true might not be true for YOU.
    • Distinguishing the reliablities of various ideas amongst science, psuedo science and conspiracy theories.

    Assumtions on reality

    • Reality exists
    • I live in a real world
    • You and I live in the same universe
    • We can examine and measure the real world
    • Without the Non-contradiction principle, we could not know anything
  3. Useful Ideas

    • You can apply my notes and knowledge in any subject matter.
    • My knowledge adds value not only to my life, but yours as well.
    • My work helps you think without judgement, and formulate your own opinions.

    Examining good ideas