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The e manifesto

MK Chong

This is my take on an engineering manifesto for ambitious startups and engineering teams.

I’ve had some time to reflect on organizational culture and internalized some of my experiences working in both large and small engineering teams. An organization is a group of people who work together, be it in a neighborhood association, charity organization, tech startup or a F100 conglomerate.

At its core, the “DNA” of an organization is anchored by the reward systems established by its management, which should align and optimize with the pursuit of a common, high-level goal - a reward function.

I'm taking inspiration from The Cult of Done, The Critical Engineering Manifesto and the Effective Accelerationism movement, I propose a radical set of ideas and principles to optimize for what I believe makes a successful engineering organization at a small to medium scale. I call it The “E” Manifesto.

1. The “E” Engineer must embrace radical innovation fearlessly by taking calculated technological risks, deploy rapid experiments, leverage on cutting edge tools such as AI to drive efficiency and improve software.
2. The “E” Engineer must play to win by prioritizing the acceleration of our product market fit as soon as possible through frequent, aggressive iterations of releasing product feature improvements.
3. The “E” Engineer celebrates meritocracy and competence, fostering an environment where skill and talent are recognized and rewarded.
4. The “E” Engineer looks to the conventions of the traditional business model and seeks opportunities to automate repetitive tasks with the help of robots.
5. The “E” Engineer designs modular code, as if crafting a lego block to seamlessly integrate with the works of others and streamline software development.
6. The “E” Engineer is customer-driven and dedicate their work to customer feedback, we engage with our customers and respond to critical feedback by fixing bugs and exceeding their expectations with our speed and execution.

My Manifesto represents my transformative vision and approach to engineering culture within the Edutech space in Malaysia. I’m writing this with the ambition of building a dynamic, productive and forward thinking organization to disrupt and transform the conventional norms and redefine the paradigm of digital education one day.

I'll write more soon。

Cura, ut valeas.