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Hobbyist Programmer & Writer


Intel Corporation - Infrastrucure & DevOps Engineer (Present)
The world's largest manufacturer of CPUs and semiconductors.

The Dec1phers - Co-Founder & Organizer
(Revived as Dec2phers 2023) Ireland's top 3 hacking team
- Ctftime 2022.

Curlec by Razorpay - Software Engineer Intern
A full-stack payments solution acquired by a Y Combinator Company.



Autodidact's Delight
A blog series about life long learning and knowledge exploration.

MK's Zettelkasten
Personal zettlekasten, a curated database of my knowledge. (Coming Soon!)
An online repository for sharing trending ideas and technology.


While I don't actively engage with social media, you can find me here:

GitHub | LinkedIn